From the 23rd to the 25th of November 2014 the Interpom Primeurs took place in Kortrijk. There were 19,529 visitors at the fair this year. This is an increase of 10.5% compared to the 2012 edition. Stallholders were happy with the fair, although not all were pleased with the earlier opening times. This year the Interpom started at 9am instead of 10am.

Interpom Primeurs could count on the faithful en masse visitation of growers, contractors, processor, packager, buyers and traders of fresh and processed potatoes, vegetables and fruit from all over Europe, and an increasing amount from other continents. The supply at the Interpom is also larger and more diverse each year. 


Marc Oldenziel of Manter indicates he is satisfied. "Despite it seeming a little calm on Monday and Tuesday, the quality of the visitors was good. It remains an important fair to us." Cor van Maanen of Geerlifs Koeltechniek believes the Interpom was a good and specific fair. "We were able to speak to a lot of customers from the Benelux and other countries."

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