“The taste of our ‘fresh and sweet carrots’ is a big success and ‘win-win situation’ for the retail chains,” says Ami Ben-Dror, Dorot Farm rep.

Meeting Ami Ben-Dror, after a 2014 new line of products launching, he concludes it was a great success! “The customers gave us great feedbacks on our product for its freshness, sweetness and juiciness. The customers came back to the stores to look for our product and asked us through emails where they can get them on a regular basis. I believe this is a ‘win-win’ situation for the retail chains, because the taste is selling! Customers can do more with a tasty product; they could use it as a snack, or for cooking, baking etc.,” says Ami Ben-Dror, the C.E.O of B.D.A (Dorot Farm’s Rep. of Europe and North America) .

“Bringing sweet and fresh carrot directly from the growers to the Supermarkets, during Feb. thru July, gives the supermarkets an advantage of supplying a fresh product in competitive prices.”

Our product comes directly from the grower fresh in 1, 2, 3 and 5 pounds bags.

Dorot Farm is number one exporter of fresh and sweet carrots to the east coast. Dorot products are known for their taste, quality and its special variety. B.D.A marketing as the rep., always puts its clients as leading players in the market. “We always make sure to be first to comply with the market demands and bring innovations to the market”.

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