It was one of the products that was affected the most by bad weather at the beginning of the year. Quantities collected during the first three months of the year were in line with 2013, but from April, i.e. when it is grown in open fields, there was a drastic drop in supply with significant quality problems, as this kind of product is not very resistant.

Everything started well but then, from April until June, prices dropped due to the increased supply. Demand wasn't at all lively either due to quality problems.

In the following months, quality improved due to better weather, so prices increased until November. Currently the produce is being sold at €0.50-0.70/kg.

Although there is still a month to go, the loss in production can be estimated at 15% and the price drop at 25%.

Of course many producers will completely rethink their cultivation programme for next year.

Volumes handled and prices per month: