Just over a year after the FTA between the European Union and Colombia came into force, Colombia displaced Argentina as a supplier of goods to that market. Colombia became the fourth largest supplier for the EU after Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

A report by the Delegation of the European Union in Colombia and Eurostat reveals that, compared to the period between August 2012 and August 2013 and during the time the treaty has been in effect, Colombian exports grew by 10.19%.

"Colombian exports have historically been focused on oil, coal, bananas and coffee, but we find that Colombia is increasingly diversifying its offer and it's taking advantage of the business opportunities offered by the trade agreement," said the ambassador of the European Union in Colombia, Maria Antonia van Gool. Since they are free of duty, Colombia has increased its exports of avocado (106%), pineapple (519%), sweet orange (117%), lemons (106.3%) and dried fruits (160.1%), among other products.

Source: larepublica.co