888 Fruit Company from Rungis, headed by Dutchman Nico Schaft, is in the middle of the Chinese importing season at the moment. The company is currently offering Chinese ginger, chestnuts, pomelos and nashi pears. "A lot of companies are complaining, but the import of the Chinese products has gone crazy," says the importer. 888 Fruit Company stores the product at Cool Control in Maasdijk.

"We are currently receiving a reasonable amount of chestnuts. In Spain, Portugal and France there are quality problems with the chestnuts, which is resulting in a large demand for Chinese chestnuts, especially from the south of Europe," says Nico. 888 Fruit Company will have Chinese chestnuts available until January.

The ginger has been expensive for weeks. "At the moment the demand has declined slightly due to the high prices. The first new ginger is now leaving from China, but won't be available until after Christmas. And retailers still want to supply ginger for Christmas sales," says Nico.

After a bad Nashi pear season last year a lot of parties stopped importing from China. As one of the few players 888 Fruit Company continued, and although the prices are 50% higher than last year, there is a wide demand. "A lot of importers were scared of the large European pear harvest, but I'm happy we have them, as there is demand from everywhere," says Nico, who expects the high prices are a result of the large Chinese export to Russia.

Last but not least, there is also a good demand for pomelos from China. "There is a lower volume available on the European market and this is resulting in a reasonable good market. I expect that this demand will continue to increase greatly in the run up to Christmas and the Chinese New Year on the 5th of February. We are already receiving demand from the wholesale companies," concludes Nico.

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