Up until now, the French cauliflower market has gone reasonably well. "Prices did fluctuate a lot though, which complicates business," Theo Kampschoer of Kampexport relates from Brittany. "At the moment, supply is decreasing, and we are already harvesting cauliflower that's normally harvested at the end of December. If the weather gets colder, we will suddenly come to a halt, and a gap in the market will follow."

Theo and son Willem Kampschoer

"At the moment, there's broad demand from all over. Spain is getting started now, so it's hard to say what the future will bring. Italy also seems to pop up, but right now they get more money domestically than on export markets. All in all, things remain tense," Theo goes on.

"The cauliflower quality is great now. A month ago, we did have some problems with insects, because you can't use much pesticides now, so we'll have to keep a watchful eye on that."

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