The ninth edition of Interpoma was the perfect occasion to present new products for many companies.

Apple to Go
Apple to Go presented a packaging technology to transform apples into a practical snack. The fruit is washed and dried and sold with a napkin in a thin biodegradable film. In addition to the napkin, other optionals can be included... for example, a chocolate!

Franz RahmClick here for the photo report 

So far, this solution has been launched in Austria but, according to manager Franz Rahm, there has been interest also from the Italian market. Further info at:

Beaulieu Technical Textiles
The Belgian company introduced Lumilys©: a recyclable long-lasting reflective film. The weave enables a better diffusion of light (-30%) to achieve colourful and bigger apples (+25% first choice fruit). 

Lumilys® film in an orchard in Alto Adige. Click here for the photo report

Lumilys was tested in three different research centres: Pc Fruit (Belgium), KOB - Kompetenzzentrum Obstbau-Bodensee (Germany) and CRESO (Italy). Now designers are working on a mechanised version. The distributor for Italy is Agritenax Srl (Eboli, SA). For further info please contact:

Buddytape is made in Japan and is a type of tape used to tie branches and make grafts. 

Director Jonathan Caisley. Click here for the photo report 

It is completely biodegradable, so it does not need to be removed and disposed of. It is also waterproof. Further info at:

Calderoni specialises in equipment and machinery for the preparation of soil and presented the brand new Variex grass disposal machine, which can be combined with lateral mowers. 

Alessandro Calderoni. Click here for the photo report

Variex can also be combined with a Bio-Rotor - for mowing respecting the trunks of plants. Further info at:

Carretta Tessitura snc
Since the first significant Drosophila suzukii attack, the company tested nets against the insect. The one with the biggest holes (8/8) is also effective without the need for additional treatments.

Giorgio Carretta (owner and sales manager) and Alessandro Kovacevic (export manager). Click here for the photo report 

At the moment, the net is mainly used on raspberry and blueberry crops and is being tested on cherry orchards. Further info at:

The company presented the easy zip opening for hail nets. It is a technology taken from the Israeli military sector and it enables the opening and closing of nets quickly and without effort.

Click here for the photo report

Due to the particular zip, hail gathers at the centre of the net so it does not damage it. It also makes it possible to open nets when covered in snow. Further info at:

Elisam srl
The company is well-known for its Grantorino grader. This year, it is presenting a new software for selecting fruit. A patented system that uses a beam of light to measure peel and flesh defects, as well as grades. This machine is already used in the US, Poland, Northern and Eastern Europe. In addition to apples, the grader also works with onions, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes.

Elisam grader at Interpoma. Click here for the photo report

G Group
The group presented a grass sower for orchards that can work on a 1 to 3 metre wide strip. The machinery has also been adapted for mulching.


Hermes presented its "Fisarmonica" weeding machine, which enables you to work on a variable width of between 125 and 175 cm.

Click here for the photo report

It can be equipped with a tank and used to spray crop protection on products. Further info at:

Montini presented a lift truck prototype equipped with CAN BUS electronic technology.

Left: the new prototype. Right: post-sales manager Luca Garotti next to a Bingo Zinc. Click here for the photo report 

Montini also displayed the Bingo Zinc model, made of hot galvanised steel with stainless steel components and special precautions to avoid rust formation. Further info at:

Morowe presented Profikopf, a new synthetic fibre for weeding which is similar to kevlar.

Click here for the photo report

It can be mounted extremely quickly and is so resistant that it can replace blades. Further info at:

RibbStyle Selected Products bv
The Dutch company presented Ribbfill, an insulating material suitable for cold storage units which is 3-4 times more resistant to gases. 

It is applied like a varnish and it is very elastic.

S.A.E. sas
The company presented Turbmatic - an atomiser for medium and big surfaces. The machine can work at over 8-9 km per hour and is uses little energy, so it can also be used with 60/65 HP tractors. 

Turbmatic from S.A.E.

Salco bv
Another Dutch company specialising in insulating doors for cold storage units - doors are hermetic thanks to an inflatable rubber placed around the door sealing the unit.