Producers are affected by the low price of a ton of oranges and the low volumes of fruit moved by the market. Fortunately, the industry sector is beginning to buy the product, which becomes an incentive to move more citric, said Juan José Rodríguez Flores, President of the state’s citrus system.

The leader, who was at the launch of the Sixteenth International Citrus Symposium, said the sales of orange juice had dropped at the international level but that, fortunately, that wasn’t the trend in the sales of fresh fruit.

He said he expected there would be a good market and movement of oranges next year, and that currently the lack of fertilization was the cause of the low fruit production.

He stated that next year’s citrus crops were expected to amount to 600,000 tons, as the rains had favoured the production, but that they had to be careful with the fertilization to prevent pests such as the HLB, which causes the most damage to citrus.

He said that other citrus producers might have complained because they have had to sell their fruits very cheaply and they had fallen behind schedule, as they hadn’t been able to recuperate their investment.