South Korea is a major gateway to Asia for Peruvian products, said the president of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), Gaston Pacheco, at the opening of the I Forum of Business Opportunities between Korea and Peru.

Pacheco stated that Korea had one of the most important Asian economies with which Peru has a growing trade, so there were great opportunities for trade, innovation and development.

The head of ADEX said part of that commercial dynamism was due to the signing of the free trade agreement in force since 2011, which allowed them to boost trade.

"Demand is booming, particularly in agriculture. In 2013, agricultural exports to South Korea amounted to nearly $48 million dollars, 9% more than what was achieved in 2012," he said.

In this regard, he said, the main exports in this period were: coffee, grapes, mangos, maca flour, bananas, canned vegetables, and quinoa, among others.

He noted that the key to continuing on the path to success and development lied in the institutions' ability to establish relationships, commitments, and plans aimed towards a common goal of growth and fellowship.

According to the Business Intelligence System ADEX Data Trade, Peruvian exports to South Korea, between January and September this year, amounted to US $863.7 million. Non-traditional exports amounted to $86.6 million (57.8% growth) and the agricultural and agro-industry subsector had one of the highest increases in exports (94.8%).

The First Forum of Business Opportunities between Korea and Peru was organized by the Korean Embassy in Peru with the support of ADEX and was attended by Jang Keun-ho, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Peru; Yang-Ho Lee, manager of Rural Development of the Republic of Korea (RDA); Juan Varilias, Chairman of the Peru-Korea Council, and Albert Maurer, head of the National Institute of Agrarian Innovation (INIA).