Beginning of this week Don-Limon received the first grapes from South Africa to Hamburg, Germany. This was also the first SA grapes to arrive in Hamburg.

This is also the first varieties SA has to offer. And they received positive response from the markets for the taste, colour and the freshness of the grapes. "From the first week of December we will receive container loads weekly," says Andreas Schindler from Don Limon. A Container of Namibian grapes, which are grew alongside the Orange River will also arrive during this time.

"Edrich Burger is our new Product Manager for Grapes at Don-Limon. He is from a producer family in the Western Cape of South Africa and have also studied in agriculture. Since we understand the needs and behavior of producers in South Africa, we work very close with them. With this grape program we want to improve the supply chain of the South African Grapes to Europe, Mid-East and Far-East. With our International team we also work close with our markets and can therefore provide the service to add value down the supply chain of grapes."

South African table grape season started this week with the early cultivars: Early Sweet, Prime Seedless and Flame Seedless. The country will continue to supply fresh grapes until May 2015. "Where we as Don-Limon will have our office by end of 2015."

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