The Dutch company Hessing Supervers has acquired (with mutual agreement) the German family business Tacken GmbH. Tacken is active in the German market in fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, and supplies to numerous retailers, especially large supermarket chains. In regards to how much the acquisition cost, both parties are tight-lipped.

Frank Hessing (left), Managing director of Hessing Supervers, and Boris Tacken, Director of TACKEN, seal the acquisition with a handshake and a symbolic handover.

In July 2014 Tacken and Hessing Supervers had already agreed on the main aspects of the acquisition. Last week, the acquisition became final. Tacken is a fruit and vegetable cutting company in the German area of Schwalmtal, 15 kilometres across the Dutch border from Roermond. The family business, which was founded in 1946, has a turnover of 20 million Euro. It employs approximately 250 people.

Good Connection

Director Frank Hessing, Hessing Supervres, is delighted with the acquisition of Tacken. "Tacken is like us, a family business with solid management and well-trained, loyal employees. Our product portfolios fit well together. We will add something to Tacken with our fresh salads, wok and stir-fry vegetables and sliced fruit products. Tacken adds to us with their raw range of products, various types of packaging and fresh dairy dressings. "

New markets and growers

Another plus of the acquisition; Hessing Supervers gains access to new markets via Tacken, such as German supermarket chains, and they also gain access to a pool of high-quality German farmers. "Tacken gives us entry into a new market that cements the foundation of Hessing Supervers. We are proud that the Tacken family has chosen us," said Frank Hessing.


The acquisition will not cause the loss of jobs. The family will continue to represent the management of Tacken, and their name will be maintained. 

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