When ginger arrives in Europe, the problem is often that the product contains too much moisture. "So it is important to further dry the ginger. This can be done by unloading the ginger, drying it and repackaging it, but that is laborious and requires a lot of space. You can have the ginger stacked separately and place a fan in the room, but that is very time-consuming," says Willem van der Does of BG Door International.

Ginger used to be dried like this

Last year, BG Door supplied a Mobile Unit to two customers, in which up to 24 pallets - in 2 rows of 12 - can be dried quickly by applying a strong frequency controlled radiator and a product cover (TARP).
"This Mobile Pre-cool Unit was initially developed for fast re-cooling, but other big advantages are that it saves time and improves shelf life, and thus strongly improves the products," Willem goes on to say.

Drying ginger with BG Door's Mobile Unit

"The good news is that we can supply an additional four units this year. Both renting or even deploying a demo are part of the possibilities. We have already sold these units to Germany, Spain, France, England, Belgium and the Ivory Coast."

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