Duijvestijn Tomatoes from Pijnacker had a more sustainable world in mind when they developed their own drying machine that would process their tomatoes into oven-dried tomatoes and spreads. This is done with heat from a geothermal source, and it is also being used to heat up their greenhouses. This combination is leading towards a new concept in the tomato-tapas assortment.

Sustainable Process
After thorough preparation and selection of the tomato varieties, the fresh tomatoes can be dried in their own nursery using a sustainable, food safe process. The drying process occurs in a environmentally friendly way with the help of warm water from the geothermal source. Drying the tomatoes with brine gives the tomatoes a unique structure, and it gives them the advantage of having a maintainable soft texture, which cannot be said of foreign processed sun-dried tomatoes. This technique also ensures that the flavour is intense, the product is full of vitamins and that a minimal amount of olive oil is needed .

An assortment of chilled Dutch tapas
Currently Duijvestijn Tomatoes has an assortment of oven-dried Dutch tomatoes and spreads. The oven-dried assortment comes in several different flavours, including; natural, garlic & oregano, rosemary and thyme. The spreads, often called tapenades, are made of oven-dried tomatoes, and come in the following flavours: spicy, capers, olives and natural. Both of the products are available in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. Along with the oven-dried tomatoes and spreads they are also working on other product variations, such as tomato sauces.

Introducing Frezta®
Duijvestijn Tomatoes has recently introduced their own brand, Frezta®. Frezta® stands for fresh tomato ideas. With Frezta®, Duijvestijn Tomatoes is focusing on food retail, food service, delicatessen and the out-of-home channel in the Netherlands, and also in Europe in general.


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