California Giant has made consumer engagement its passion as it continues to enhance its tools and content and build brand loyalty. The New Buzz Blog is an example of how things are changing at the company and how California Giant connects with consumers every day.

The new blog is a stand-alone tool using new methods of permission based marketing that attracts consumers, converts them into leads and ultimately builds brand evangelists. The new format of permission based marketing is a tool California Giant will ultimately convert all of their online tools in 2015 as they focus even more on better serving the consumer that is buying their berries.

“Our Buzz Blog is a great place for sharing news, recipes, tips, videos and more. Consumers subscribe to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings at California Giant Berry Farms, and keep coming back for new content. Each time we learn more about their preferences and make sure we are on point to provide information they specifically want, which keeps them engaged and feeling a personal connection to our company”, says Cindy Jewell, VP of Marketing.

The beautiful photography grabs the consumer right away, but the content on the new blog keeps them there with everything from promotions and prize-winning opportunities, to freebies and giveaways, recipes and cooking ideas, nutritional information and health news. California Giant also provides opportunities for consumers to learn about philanthropic opportunities and events the company and staff participates in as well as what is happening on the farm. A key new element that boosts readership and continues to expand the database of consumers is the opportunity to check out great posts and recipes by guest authors, the company’s favourite food bloggers. The bloggers are constantly feeding the Buzz blog with new content, great photography and seasonal information featuring California Giant berries.

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