"Fresh bergamot is now available in all our Italian branches. The campaign will end in April," explain Fruttital managers.

The fruit was already sold fresh in the Milan branch, but this year it will be available all over Italy. "The produce is sold in single-layer 4 kg and double-layer 7.5 kg crates. Stickers are placed on ten fruits per crate."

Giovanni Pizzi from Unionberg added that "bergamot juice is used in dishes and in the confectionery industry, so this case, harvesting can start in September. Harvesting for fresh consumption usually starts in October because the fruit is juicer."

Recent studies carried out by prof. Giovanni Sindona from the University of Calabria and published by the main scientific journals showed that bergamot juice is rich in antioxidants that inhibit cholesterol, triglyceride and carbohydrate production. By administering one or more 50 ml doses of bergamot juice per day, cholesterol diminished by 38%, triglyceride by 42% and carbohydrates by 25%. 

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