The tomato campaign in the Ragusa area is still at the beginning. "We have invested in some more this year, so we now have 70 hectares, 40 of which are covered by greenhouses. Our sales campaign will start in mid-November," explain the managers of Società Agricola Tre C.

The company is expecting to produce 3,000 tons of cherry tomatoes, 2,000 tons of piccadilly tomatoes, 800 tons of date tomatoes, 600 tons of bunch tomatoes and 300 tons of Camone tomatoes.

The business was established by a group of friends (Gaetano, Carmelo, Giuseppe, Antonio, Nicola and Giovanni) who wanted to work in the sector. "Each year, we analyse our mistakes so we can improve and we invest all we have in the business. We started off as a cooperative with 7 hectares and have now become a limited liability company."

The objective is to supply tomatoes of increasingly high quality between November and early August. They are processed and packed by our company in accordance with our clients' needs. "The arrival on the market of African produce, where the cost of labour is really low, represents fierce competition and a great obstacle." 

The produce arrives at the Vittoria fresh produce market and, "from there, it is shipped to almost all Italian markets. There are two shipments a day so that the tomatoes are as fresh as possible."

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