Temperatures are starting to drop below 20 degrees Celsius after a very warm October, when it seemed the summer had yet to finish.
Regarding lemons, high temperatures in September and October have had little impact on harvest volumes and quality. Lemon prices have remained at good levels until mid-October because Argentina finished earlier than usual due to the effects of frosts. At the moment, Turkey's strong start has been pushing prices slightly down.

As for clementines, high temperatures have contributed to an early start of the Oronul harvest, about 8 days earlier than in previous campaigns, and prices have been good because of product shortages, say the experts.

For the Clemenules, however, as well as for Navelina oranges, the heat has delayed the harvest by about 10 days.

"The quality of Navelinas is optimal in terms of acidity and Brix, but not in terms of colour," explain sources from the sector. "The same is true of the Clemenules, with the difference that there will be a high rate of 'delayed flowering fruit', which affects the fruit's correct formation and causes the stem to acquire a bulky shape," says an expert.