As the last of the mangos imported from Brazil arrive into the U.S. this season, the market for mangos has been tight. Supply issues from South America have made for a season where demand has outstripped supplies of imported fruit.

“It's been a season of short volumes, high prices and good demand,” said Patrick Dueire of Dayka Hackett. “Warm weather affected flowering, so that caused the short volumes in Brazil.” He added that the Mexican import season ended early, which also affected volumes of fruit in the U.S. That, combined with diminished supplies from Brazil and a delayed start to the Ecuadorian season, have made for higher prices. He estimated that prices this season have been about $1.50 to $2.00 per carton higher than he usually sees for this time of year.

“We started importing fruit from Ecuador, and, because of the weather, we expect about 20 percent less fruit from there this season,” said Dueire. At the start of this month, just under 2.0 million boxes were shipped from Ecuador for the season, while by the start of November last year, 3.5 million boxes of fruit had already been shipped. The average price for a box of Tommy Atkins mangos at the South Florida entry port was $7.72 for the week ending on November 1.

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