Warm weather and excellent light levels this summer delivered good growing conditions for British Columbia's greenhouse growers this season. That, in turn, led to good yields and volumes higher than those from the previous year.

“British Columbia experienced one of the best greenhouse growing seasons in recent memory,” said Aaron Quon, executive director of the greenhouse category for Oppy. “Warm Temperatures and high light levels enhanced our yields and quality.” 

Oppy, which markets conventional greenhouse tomatoes on the vine, cucumbers and peppers under the Divimex and SunSelect labels, is winding down their greenhouse vegetable season in British Columbia. They're currently transitioning into production from the United States and Mexico, and Quon noted that the good growing conditions, especially during the summer, brought on prodigious production.

“Volumes from British Columbia have been excellent compared to last year,” said Quon. “That's primarily due to warm weather and optimal growing conditions.”

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