This product is a nice addition to the wide range of chicory from BelOrta and to the wide range of organic produce too.

Meanwhile most of the leading European retailers have discovered this hip vegetable and added it to their vegetable range. Consumers of organic vegetables are always looking for variation in their diet, this healthy and decorative vegetable is a welcome addition.

There are a large number of healthy and good nutritional characteristics to this vegetable. Moreover Belgian endives can be used in a lot of culinary dishes.
The producer, Joost Depaepe from Nivelles (Belgium), has grown this vegetable for decades in the classical way and has now started a second completely separate producing unit for organic endives.

He becomes the second grower at BelOrta of the organic variant of this very typical Belgian product.

Thanks to years of experience, Joost has a solid base and much expertise in growing organic endives.

2012, this enterprise was part of the "responsibly fresh" project of VBT, who won the first Global Gap Award.

Sustainability plays an important role for this producer. Thanks to water recuperation, a biogas-installation and solar panels, Joost Depaepe grows an energy-neutral product.
The two organic growers of Belgian endives at Belorta have a capacity of 35 tonnes per week. Simultaneaously with the expansion of production, BelOrta has also launched a new packaging for this product.

This packaging is made in the house style of Bio BelOrta in which all organic fruits and vegetables are marketed.

Organic Belgian Endives can of course been conditioned under any PL-brand.
For more information:
Sander De Proost
Tel: 0032 15 565 435