Downs, a company set up in the North of France, keeps improving its range of telescopic elevators in order to offer highly efficient solutions and machines compatible with high working speed.

This new generation has been designed around three major axes : performance, robustness and simplicity of use. These telescopic elevators are perfectly suitable for handling potatoes, wheat and corn.

These new telescopic elevators stand out from competition thanks to a frame with a short and robust undercarriage. This particular construction allows a large clear space at the elevator and can support a significant workload. The new ā€œVā€ design in the band and the fact it is driven by an electric drum motor located on the top end of the elevator (no risk of oil leak on the heap) make it possible to constantly maximize the working speed. The rotation, on the other hand, is carried out thanks to a powerful hydraulic motor (gear wheel) for smooth and comfortable operation.

Ergonomics has also been improved thanks to the MAGELIS touch screen allowing a very easy and intuitive use of the elevator. The different working modes, manual or automatic, are now accessible in a few seconds for a maximal efficiency.

This new range of telescopic elevators, available in 14, 18 and 22 m long and 800 and 1000 mm wide, will be presented during the 2014 INTERPOM exhibition in Belgium.

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Tel : +33 6 44 16 10 66