Last week, the Chinese government gave definitive permission for the import of Dutch pears. The permission is a result of six years of negotiation by the ministry of Economic Affairs, in cooperation with Frugi Venta and the NFO. For the fruit sector, this is very good news, especially since new markets are urgently needed after the loss of the Russian market.

Until the last moment, it wasn't clear whether China would give permission for the import of Dutch pears. Last week, the green light was given, following the results of an audit carried out last August by representatives of the Chinese government. The Chinese indicates having sufficient confidence in the implementation of the protocol regarding the export of pears to China by the Dutch cultivation and trading companies.
Since late last week, Chinese importers can apply for a permit to import Dutch pears.

Market entry bell pepper and apple
Monitoring for diseases and pests during cultivation, and checks during the logistical process, form an important part of the protocol implemented by all cultivation and trading companies wanting to export to China.

Apart from market entry for pears, market entry for Dutch bell peppers is currently in the works. Earlier this year, a Chinese delegation was shown around in the Netherlands to get an idea of the entire process of cultivation, sorting, packaging and quality control of bell peppers. The Chinese government has allowed room to submit two new cases. In consultation with the sector, it has been decided to also try to gain market entry for Dutch tomatoes and apples.