The president of the Agricultural and Livestock Company Chavin, Mario Salazar Vergaray, said there would be an increase in Peruvian agricultural exports this year; but that there would most probably not be an increase in their value. 

He said this had been a mixed year for the agriculture industry because the prices of the products with a higher supply had fallen when compared to the last year, but there were some new products that had increased in price. 

"Overall, we see a mixed picture, we've had some good and bad experiences, but ultimately, as an industry, I think it makes us stronger." 

"It's indisputable that our volume will continue to grow due to the amount of acres that have been planted over the years, but that's not a factor for success. Succeeding depends on whether the price of those volumes shipped can sustain the fields a make us profitable. That's what we would like to see at the end of the year kilo," he said. 

Regarding the goods for which there have been price decreases over the last year, he spoke about the grape. "We are in the middle of the grape campaign and there is a good supply of this fruit and in different qualities, which makes it easy to market abroad, so the prices are low." 

As for avocado, he stated, there had been an excess supply in the middle of the campaign, so prices had fallen. The supply, however, had been lower at the beginning and at the end of the season so they have had good returns. 

Regarding the new products that have increased in price, he highlighted the blueberries and the quinoa. The blueberry, he said, is a fruit with a fairly high demand, which had entered Peru recently, so it still hasn't reached its ceiling in terms of supply. "It's a promising crop."