Danespo is a Danish company with subsidiaries companies in Holland, France & Germany. Professional potato breeding carried out since 1946. The focus in the first 50 years was on finding the right varieties for the Scandinavian soils. From the end of the last century, the breeding horizon has been extended and the quite unique accumulation of the genepool showed some surprisingly good results.

Danespo breeding station, LKF-Vandel and associated private breeders have put more than 20 potato varieties on the market of which now approx. 10,000 hectares are grown in the EU.

In the last decennia enormous progress has been made in yield capacity, internal quality and presentation of the company's potatoes. "This should always be in balance with the security for growing these varieties," according to Peter van Eerdt. "The breeders efforts and marketing progress are made visible in the international potato variety presentation in Creil, Holland at the local restaurant Poortershuys which will be the Danespo meeting point for a few days."

This year Danespo has a special focus on their fast developing and high yielding variety for french fries, crisps & flakes - ROYAL and the multipurpose variety CRONOS which has high nematode resistance (Ro1,4,Pa 2,3), scab and virus. For export to Southern countries CIMEGA is the big ace.

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Peter van Eerdt
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