The pepper market is exceptionally difficult at the moment and it is expected that the Dutch season will come to an end very soon. "At the moment the prices are between 5 to 35 cents. There is some export to Eastern Europe here and there, but for very low prices. There are growers who are emptying their greenhouses. If these prices hold up, the Dutch season will be all but over next week," expects Johan Joosen of Scherpenhuizen.

The low price level goes for all colours. "The orange peppers were slightly higher at the beginning of this week, but are now at 30 cents again," says Johan. "The sales of 80's is alright, but the 70 sorting is worth nothing and let's not even mention the 60's. Spain has had good weather and has masses of peppers on the market. Most supermarkets have already switched to Spanish peppers." 

"Israel sold the first peppers to Russia this week. Very different prices are circulating for them, but people will be careful about getting the money to start with," expects Johan. "It was a pepper year without highlights with lower prices than last year. The question is what the consequences will be. Those who can't plant next year, have already heard this, but it seems like some growers are going to drop out, albeit not an extreme amount."