The organic barometer, drawn up on behalf of the German federal government, shows that consumers are mainly buying fresh produce, such as meat, fruit and vegetables, from regional production, German website reports. According to the federal government's research, three out of four consumers are prepared to pay a higher price for regional products. But what is the reason for that?

According to the 'Rheinische Landwirtschafts-Verband' (RLV), consumers have more faith in food that originates from their own region. Regional products are not only fresh and tasty, but also healthy and safe. Regionality is also connected to values like sustainable production. Another big plus for regional food is its flavour, the RLV emphasizes.

Fruit and vegetables harvested in the evening and sold to the consumer the next morning, just taste better. The products can be offered straight from the field in the farm shop, the weekly market or the supermarket, without being in storage for a long time, or being transported from the other side of the country.