According to ADEX , mango exports increased by 27.2 percent between January and August this year, after amounting to USD $119.9 million, and ranked fourth in the classification of the agricultural and agribusiness' subsector. 

ADEX noted that mango export accounted for 5 percent of the total exports of the agricultural and agro-industrial subsector. 

Avocados ranked first with 12 percent of the total, followed by grapes (9 percent) and fresh or chilled asparagus (8 percent). 

According to Adex, Peru exported 466 items abroad. 

Peruvian mangoes reached a total of 27 destinations, including the Netherlands, $44.6 million and an 28 percent increase in exports, followed by the US with 39.2 million (31.7 percent), the UK (21.6 percent) and Spain (with 22.7 percent). 

Other destinations for the Peruvian mangoes were France, Canada, Germany, Chile, Switzerland and Japan. 

New markets for this fruit are Costa Rica, Argentina, Australia, Martinique and Luxembourg. 

Adex said the mango, which is mainly grown in Piura (85 percent of total exports are from that region), has evolved greatly in recent years. 

In 2009, exports amounted to $90 million; in 2011 to $115.6 million, and in 2013, to $132.7 million. 

Peru also exported mangoes with a higher value added, and canned juice. 

Exports of mango juice to the Netherlands, Canada, USA and Germany amounted to 2.3 million dollars. 

138 companies, led by Sunshine Export, Camposol, Dominus, FLP del Peru, Frutas Piuranas, Passion Fresh, Sobifruits, Tropical Fruit Trading Peru and Pronatur, exported mango. 

Source: Andina