Plentiful volumes of Chinese pomelos were available in August, when the harvest there began, which confirmed early predictions that yields would be up this season. But yields have dropped as the season has progressed, and many growers now believe volumes will be on par with those from the previous season.

“Most people predicted a yield increase at the beginning of the season,” said Avin Wong, sales manager for Xiamen Bona Industry. “Due to more fruit splitting, now yields have decreased about 20 percent. The harvest, which began in August and is slated to last through January, will likely bring about as much fruit as last year's harvest did, according to Wong. Despite fruit loss to quality issues, the quality of fruit that is shipped is good due to timely rains. While there were smaller sizes at the beginning of the season, bigger sizes now abound.

Most of the production goes to the domestic market, with only about 20 percent of the crop going abroad. Of the fruit that does go to export, the biggest markets are Germany and Russia.

“This season we've had reduced demand in Europe,” said Wong, “but we've had increased demand from Russia.” Of the two markets, the European one has historically been the most demanding.

“The official sampling inspection required by the European Union has increased the burden on the shipping company in the past few years,” explained Wong. “But at the same time we changed our pomelos on planting and production to more strictly enforce the requirements of the European Union to make our pomelos more secure.” Xiamen Bona packs their pomelos in 12-kilogram containers for shipment to Germany and in 11-kilogram containers for shipment to Eastern Europe.

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Author: Yzza Ibrahim / Carlos Nunez