With the change of the seasons and Christmas not far away wild and exotic mushrooms are in demand. Bruce White a trader at London's Covent Garden Market has wide selection of mushrooms on offer.

Bruce White and Rob Down

"We have a bit of everything," said Bruce. "Girolle, yellow and grey Chanterelle and much more."

According to Bruce demand always increases in the last quarter of the year and continues till Christmas. As with all the traders at Covent Garden Market the customers are in the catering trade.

The company imports the mushrooms from around the world.

Girolle is the most popular single variety, but Bruce does his own mix of cultivated exotic mushrooms which is by far the biggest seller.

Its a 1kg pack with 7 different varieties including Chestnut, pink and yellow Oyster, Shiitake, white and golden Enoki brown and white and brown Shimeji.

Bruce said they are selling between 1000 - 1100 of these packs per week at the moment, "It is a very good mix and is becoming more popular."

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