Costa Rica’s National Banana Corporation (Corbana) has called on representatives of the JAPDEVA Workers’ Syndicate (SINTRAJAP) to put an end to strikes in the ports of Limón.

In a release, Corbana said the situation – which reportedly has been alleviated somewhat through the emergency hiring of foreign workers – put the salaries of 40,000 banana workers at risk.

“It is unfortunate that these situations happen – not only is the agricultural industry affected, but also the image of our country for not complying with previously established contracts,” Corbana manager Jorge Sauma said.

“From Corbana we’re calling out to representatives of SINTRAJAP that negotiations are not resolved by creating more conflict, that dialogue is necessary. This country needs to generate more work and the banana industry offers a lot of opportunities, however these confrontations enter the development of the province.

In the release, the organization highlighted that if bananas could not be shipped, costs increased for refrigeration or product was lost due to its perishable nature.

Corbana added that a “small group cannot kidnap the development of a nation for special interests”.