Tholen - Frankfort & Koning, in collaboration with their Brazilian partner Agricola Famosa, is introducing a new innovation in Europe. Leon van den Hombergh, the man responsible for papayas, says: "The Formosa Papaya is a fruit that is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. After years of tests we are finally ready to properly transport the fruit to Europe by sea. Finally, a good tasting, affordable Formosa Papaya for the European market."

12 days at sea
Van den Hombergh continues: "Now that we have a way to affordably transport this delicious fruit we can offer this product to a larger group of people. Directly after being harvested the Papayas are prepared for export in Brazil and then set on the 'fast melon boats' from PECEM to Rotterdam. Right now weekly shipments are being made, each shipment takes 12 days and we will keep this schedule until spring 2015."

He says that the breathable film that you see in the store helps the papayas be presented in the right way. "The papayas also do not dry out or suffer from any other extreme damage." In Brazil the papaya is known for its healthy effects on the stomach and intestinal system, and people in Europe are becoming more and more aware of the healthy nutritional values of the Formosa Papaya. "It is not only a healthy fruit, but it also has a very special taste. The soft inside with the sweet flavor and the intense orange color invite you to enjoy it," says van den Hombergh enthusiastically.

Weekly arrivals

Frankfort & Koning receive shipments of the papaya every week. "There are 5 or 6 papayas in each box with a net weight of 7kg. It will be good for us to plan some ways to introduce this exotic fruit to a wider audience here in Europe.

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