Pineapple sales in Hawaii remain stable-year round as demands are high, however, the pineapple market on mainland America, particularly the west coast is not so dependable. “The mainland market demand depends on the pineapples America has imported from Central America and Mexico,” states Darren Strand from Maui Gold, “Right now prices are stable, but in a week or two they can change depending on the amount imported.”

Most of the domestically grown pineapple remains in Hawaii, but it is not unusual for growers to ship outside America to Asia. Hawaiian growers are at a disadvantage when shipping within America. “We are eight to twelve days away from America if we ship by boat. South American countries can ship to Los Angeles within three or four days, so they save on length of travel and cost.”

Maui Gold grows pineapples in its 1300 acres of plantation. Despite the fluctuating mainland market, the pineapples are unique through their growing condition. “We are a little further away from the equator than our Central America competitors,” explains Strand, “Along with our fertile volcanic soil, Hawaii’s natural climate of cool nights and hot days help to grow great pineapples.”

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