Starting just this week, Rungis, from Barendrecht, is now offering Madrones from Portugal. "Madrones are fruits from a strawberry tree that can be 25 meters high. They are wild fruits and are organically certified," says SVH Master Chef Niels van den Berg, who is also responsible for communication and trends at Rungis.

"Traditionally Madrones are used to make liqueurs due to their high sugar content. Nowadays these special fruits are being freshly eaten more and more. The taste and smell is pretty sweet and aromatic. They are perfect to put into salads or to eat with appetizers, or with desserts and fruit salads," says Niels.

Exclusively at Rungis
The Madrones are exclusively available at Rungis. The season runs from late September to late December. There is enough supply available. "Because it is a new product we first have to familiarize our customers with it. Rungis is very good at this and can create demand quickly for this great product," says Niels. "We supply the Madrones to restaurants and caterers. Chefs are always looking for surprising, new products to offer their guests."

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Tel: 003 180-617899

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