Checks carried out during week 42 have so far confirmed that the ripening process of the Hayward kiwifruit is substantially similar to that of last year.

Northern Italy

The parameters measured in the different growing areas in the north of Italy during week 42 (starting from 13th October) gave values of sugar content around 5 brix degrees (0.5 brix higher than last week) and detected a drop in firmness, suggesting that the ripening process has begun.

The weather forecasts are indicating that starting from 22nd October, the current minimum temperatures will decrease by some degrees, returning to average of this period and consequently aiding the ripening process.

We can therefore forecast that picking in the northern Italy regions could start from week 44 onwards (starting from 27th October), depending on the areas and on the parameters measured in each single farm.

Central Italy
The parameters measured during the first monitoring of the growing areas in the centre of Italy started during week 42 (starting from 13th October), gave values of sugar content around 4.6 brix degrees, in line with the period. We can therefore forecast that picking in these areas could start from week 45 onwards (starting from 3rd November).

Shipments starting
Aiming to plan the sale of fruits at the right stage of ripeness, the first shipments of Hayward kiwifruit produced by the associated member companies are expected to start during week 45 for overseas destinations, and during week 46 for European destinations.

Ripening Monitoring System Online Database
Kiwifruit of Italy has made the ripening data measured within the Ripening Monitoring System available on its online database, which can be accessed at Thanks to this information, users can follow the progress of the ripening parameters in the different growing areas in Italy.

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