New technologies are taking over the Spanish citrus sector. A superb example is the creation of the first on-line blog devoted to lemon and grapefruit, which can be accessed at

This innovative initiative was recently presented at Fruit Attraction 2014, held in Madrid; its creation has been possible thanks to the work of the agricultural journalist specialised in communication, Francisco Seva Rivadulla.

The initiative has been supported by ASAJA Murcia, ASAJA Alicante, ASAJA Almeria, ASAJA Malaga, AVA-ASAJA, ASAJA National and the producer/exporter of fruits and vegetables GRUVENTA. The Association for the Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables "5 a Day" and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment have also collaborated.

The blog contains all kinds of information about these two citrus fruits, from nutritional and gastronomic aspects to market information, prices and news related both directly and indirectly with these products that are so important for the Spanish agro-food economy. 

As explained by the Secretary General of ASAJA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, "it is a pioneering initiative that aims to promote the qualities and health benefits of both lemon and grapefruit, as well as to inform consumers about the latest news related to both products. We understand that this blog is very rewarding and positive for our industry, which is why six ASAJA agricultural organisations have sponsored and supported it, because it is a great platform to promote both fruits."

From left to right: Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, Francisco Seva Rivadulla and Fermín Sánchez Navarro.

Additionally, the general director of the exporting firm GRUVENTA, Fermín Sánchez Navarro, also stressed that "this blog is original and innovative, and will be an essential tool to promote the fantastic properties that both these citrus have, which are essential to the Mediterranean diet."

On-line marketing 
Both Fermín Sánchez and Gálvez Caravaca pointed out that this project is "a great example of on-line marketing applied to lemon and grapefruit, and will be a turning point for the sector, as it is the first time that a website is created with such extensive information on both products."