The Spanish production company, Natural Tropic, is fully investing in new plantations. The first 50 hectares have already been planted with mangos, avocados and cherimoyas; and there are plans for another 60 hectares. "We are one of the few Spanish companies that is investing in avocados. We see a lot of potential in this product," says Kenneth Meyer, a Dutch man who works as the sales manager for this Spanish company.

Kenneth Meyer shows cherimoya's during the Fruit Attraction

Cherimoya production is also expanding at Natural Tropic, not only in the conventional branch, but also in the organic sector as well. "Cherimoyas are available from September through March/April. A large portion of this production stays in Spain, but we also export to Germany (mostly) and also some to France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands," said Kenneth during the Fruit Attraction fair in Madrid. "We are organically certified, and we see demand increasing."

Looking back to the start of the Spanish mango season the especially good sales of the Osteen-mangos was very striking. "We began with prices around 6 Euro, and everyone expected that as the season went by the price would fall one Euro, but nothing was less true, and the last batch of Osteen-mangos were sold for 9.50 Euro. There are no more Osteen-mangos so we have now switched over to Keitt. The size of these mango's are very large, and they are not as sought after in the market. Given the low levels of return for the Keitt mango's, I expect that we will end this season a little earlier," says Kenneth.

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