4Earth Farms' first major crop of their innovative Kalettes™ program, a new hybrid of Brussels Sprouts and Kale, is harvesting and available for sale in excellent supplies. Acreage for the program was rapidly expanded earlier this year due to high demand and interest, and harvesting is moving forward with continued fervour as the holiday season approaches. 

“Here at 4Earth we constantly strive to bring new and unique items to the marketplace while maintaining the highest of quality standards for our customers. Our testing of Kalettes™ crops began over 18 months ago, leading to our increased growing acreage following customer demand that far exceeded our expectations,” said Mark Munger, VP Sales & Marketing at 4Earth Farms. “We are thrilled to finally have the product on shelves and available in significant supplies to retail and foodservice across the US.”

4Earth Farms is offering Kalettes™ with year-round availability, grown on their farms along the Baja Mexico peninsula. Kalettes™ are packed 6oz retail, as well as 3lb bags for foodservice.

Kalettes™, a cross between Russian Red Kale and Brussels sprouts, are the newest superfood to hit the US market. Both Brussels sprouts and Kale have seen recent popularity due to their flavour, versatility and nutrient-dense superfood status. Kalettes™ offer benefits from both sources with a fresh new look and light, peppery taste.

Kalettes™ are easily prepared and enjoyed in a wide variety of ways including being sautéed, roasted, or eaten raw. Retail POS support materials are available to field common questions interested consumers may have.

“With any new offering comes the task of educating customers on aspects of the product they may be unfamiliar with. Making Kalettes™ POS materials available is our way of helping consumers get the information they want quickly and easily right there in the store,” Mark Munger explains.

“The response to Kalettes™ has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Mark Munger, “and we are excited to be at the forefront of their availability to the market.”

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