The German retail chain, Globus, has ended their 2013/14 fiscal year (7/1/2013 through 6/30/2014) with a 3.1% increase in sales, and an EBIT-return of 2.77% (EBIT 166.5 million Euro), reports the German website In comparison to last year, sales increased by 205 million Euro to 6.89 billion Euro. 3.31 of the 6.89 billion was allocated to the German hypermarkets (+1.5%).

The growth was also in part due to expansion abroad. The Russian and Czech hypermarkets reached sales of 2.09 billion Euro (+3.1%). In Russia, sales increased by 117.3 million Euro to 1.13 billion Euro. Globus is on the right track towards further expanding their position in the market.

In the last year one new hypermarket was added in Germany. When this new store opened in Koblenz on September 18, it became the most modern Globus branch in Germany. This new hypermarket has 10,000 square meters of sales floor, and has 80,000 products in it's assortment. Two new hypermarkets have been built in Russia, and ten more are planned. This November a new branch will be opened in Elektrostal, and next spring a new store will be opened in Toela. The eleventh hypermarket in Puschkino has been scheduled to be built since before this year.