Apple season is booming in the big apple state of New York. However, only about ninety percent of the apples grown in New York are bought by local consumers. The rest are exported, to primarily Canada and the United Kingdom.

New York state partners with other U.S. apple producers to jointly promote its apple exports through the U.S. Apple Export Council. USAEC promotes apple exports from New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, California and New England. “In estimation, we export about 1.7 million bushels of apples to the United Kingdom and other countries in a year,” states USAEC Chairman and New York Apple Association President Jim Allen.

The most commonly exported apple is the Empire. Though the United Kingdom does grow their own apples, they are not large producers. “They mainly produce older European varieties. They grow a variety called Bromley which is a big cooking apple. They also grow Gala and Empire, but not as well as New York.”

Russia’s ban on apples exported from Poland may upset the market in the future. “American logistics are not cheaper than European, and Russia’s embargo of apples is the biggest strain on U.S. apple production. If other exporters lower the price of their produce, the cost of apples begins to fall. Although we have quality apples and a great variety, depending on the price, we would not be able to compete with the cost of European exporters. ”

Poland is the largest apple exporter in the world with Russia as its biggest customer. However, the only problem facing the U.S. apple market is the eventual oversupply of Polish apples. “Though Poland is searching for a new market, the export market is not determined by Poland.”

While unconcerned about Poland’s apple exports, U.S. apple exporters are confident about the quality of apples they have supplied the United Kingdom with for decades. “We have good customers in the United Kingdom and we have always supplied them with a variety of quality apples.”

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