The cranberry season in Québec is off to a great start. Bieler Cranberries, the biggest cranberry grower in the province are enthusiastic about an upcoming season. “It’s a bigger harvest than last year,” states Isabelle Parent of Atoka Cranberries, “It’s due to the weather in August and September which was hot and moist.”

The cranberry market has decreased since last year resulting in a loss of twenty cents per pound on processed cranberries and thirty cents per pound on fresh. Atoka Cranberries focuses primarily on delivering processed cranberries with 95% of the crops being dried for bakery, cereal, and snacks. The sister company, Bierler Cranberries is the main supplier of the cranberries with an estimate of this season’s crop reaching 40 million pounds, while Atoka Cranberries saw a total volume of 60 million pounds.

Whether the cranberries are processed or fresh, Atoka always prides itself on the flavour and quality of the fruit. “In our farm and our processing plant we have a very high food safety protocol to ensure our cranberries are not only of the highest standard, but that there is no risk. Our consumers are reassured that our cranberries are delicious and safe.”

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