"Some say we are behind the times because we still use traditional techniques to remove tannins, but I say that what is important is doing things properly," explains Antonio Lugibello from Lugibello Srl. 

The company cultivates Vaniglia persimmons, which can be eaten right after harvesting as they are really sweet. Tipo/Maturo persimmons undergo tannin removal treatments instead.

"We still place persimmons in units together with Annurca apples, as they release a gas that ripens persimmons."

The company combines this traditional method with state-of-the-art equipment, as the fruit is selected with UNITEC machinery.

"It grades the fruit and selects it according to weight and colour. After it is washed, our personnels select Vaniglia persimmons."

"Using machinery helps to grow professionally, but it has no heart, it cannot be influenced by any factor."

The campaign started in mid-September and will end in mid-December. The fruit is cultivated on 40-50 hectares producing 30 tons of persimmons per day for a total of 1,200 tons per season. The produce is packed in single-layer 4 kg crates.

Once the persimmon season is over, the company carries on with clementines, winter lemons and apricots. "We work from September to late June then, during the summer, we take care of persimmon plants. Residues are checked by an authorised laboratory."

All the members of the Lugibello family are involved - dad Antonio, mum Trofimena and children Imma and Matteo - and there are also thirty employees. "We work with passion and attention to detail, we could never think of a different way to do things," concludes Antonio.

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