Sofia Arreola is a National Track Champion and two time silver medalist at the 2013 World Championships. With 27 national titles, and 6 gold medals from her participation in the Junior Pan-American games, Sofia is someone who strives for perfection everyday.

"That quest for perfection is something we at SunFed can relate to, making our decision to sponsor her quest for Olympic gold in 2016 very easy. I met Sofia about a year ago” said Brett Burdsal, SunFed’s Director of Marketing. “I was immediately impressed, not only by what she had accomplished on the bike, but with her attitude and outlook on life. She is an incredibly bright and articulate young lady. She is giving everything she has to a very demanding sport. To me she embodies the healthy, active person that, regardless of age or gender, we should all strive to be. Sofia, who resides in Colorado Springs and races for Team TWENTY16, will be competing in the upcoming UCI track World Cups, which will include stops this year in Mexico, Great Britain, Columbia and France.”

“Fruits and vegetables are such an important part of my day, my week, and my life,” stated Sofia. “Being able to partner with SunFed is great. I look forward to enjoying all of their incredibly fresh produce they will be sending. Absolutely nothing beats enjoying full flavored fruit or fresh vegetables as I am training, recovering or just hanging out. I am so excited by this partnership.”