The Passionfrut Company could export tangerines and tangelos to the Russian market thanks to contacts made at the Expoalimentaria fair, announced the company's CEO, William Bolaños. 

The company's marketing channels are supermarkets, such as Tottus and Plaza Vea, as well as traders from the Wholesale Fruit Market. 

Bolaños said they had contacted several Russian companies interested in buying W-Murcott and Malvasia tangerines as well as Minneola tangelo at the Expoalimentaria fair. 

"We are coordinating with the World Wide Fruit Company, located in St. Petersburg (Russia), to send two containers of Malvasia tangerines per week," he said. 

He also said that some of the company's goals for this year were to export fresh fruit and pulp, for which they have 100 hectares of Coquito melon planted, 50 hectares of watermelons and 10 hectares of passion fruit, distributed in the coast of Peru in stages. "This will allow us to continuously supply during the 2015 summer's peak season," he stated. 

Bolaños said they had made their first shipment of a combination of fresh fruit to the United States in July. "We hope this will multiply, we have many perspectives. We aim at exporting, we want to be recognized internationally and we have an adequate logistical organization to do so," he said. 

Finally, he also stated that they had also contacted companies from the UAE, such as Fit Fresh LLC, which was interested in melons, as well as American companies, such as Century Farms International, which showed interest in their tangerines, and several companies from France, Romania, Canada, China, Spain, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia at the Expoalimentaria fair.