The sale of Spanish mandarins is going very well at the moment. Importer Frukar is already offering Spanish Satsumas and Turkish and Spanish Clementines and the first mandarins from the regular supplier Serena arrive in Barendrecht tomorrow afternoon. The first Navelinas will follow in week 43. "There aren't any large volumes at the moment. The mandarins have a good flavour and colour and are being taken into the market well. I expect larger volumes within two weeks," says Willem Koole.

The importer visited the Spanish plantations last week and saw 'enough trade' on the trees. "The expectation is that there will be slightly less mandarins, but larger sizes. There are more Navelinas this year, but also a lot of large sizes. For this large sorting (30-36) I expect the necessary sales problems, as they often went directly or indirectly to Russia."

According to Willem the Russian boycott hangs over the citrus market like the sword of Damocles. "All the European fruit will have to be consumed in Europe. I personally fear a saturated market. I have a positive mindset, but we're all affected by this, directly or not. All of us put together have no idea what volumes were re-exported to Russia through Eastern European countries. And a low price is no solution to the problem. A person wont suddenly buy more oranges, whether the prices are 1.98 or 0.98 for a 2 kilo net."

At the moment the citrus prices are still at a good level. 11-13 Euro is paid for leaf clementines and the price of Satsumas is around 9/10 Euro. For the Clemenrubi, despite its limited availability, the price is around 14/15 Euro. The price of lemons is around 20 Euro for 15 kg for the Spanish and 10 for 9 kg of the Turkish. "The prices aren't as 'hot' as the overseas season, but that was extreme. I expect the lemon prices to go down a little, as the larger Spanish volumes still have to come. Turkey will mainly export straight to Russia," the exporter expects.

"The weather conditions in Spain have been fine, with both sun and rain, and this has resulted in a great quality of citrus. We can count on a good citrus package with our supplier Serena over the next few months. We have once again invested in the machine park and warehouse and continue to invest in the future."

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