The Spanish persimmon season has started again. According to Lisan van Koppen of 4 Fruit company the European market for persimmons is growing, but Russia was the largest market by far and the boy cot is causing a kink in the export.

"I expect more Spanish producers will try to export outside of Europe and Russia, for instance to South America, but this is only possible in certain weeks. It is reasonably uncertain what will happen if Spain can't get rid of its product."

The area of Spanish persimmons is increasing every year. Over the past few years it was mainly lemon plantations that were replaced by persimmon cultivation. "Over the last two weeks, until last weekend, the rain was pouring in the region of Valencia. Figures from our supplier Anecoop show that around 6 million kg of the available 63 million kg have been destroyed by the rain and hail. But considering the expected supply this may be a happy accident," says Lisan.

Anecoop marketed almost 55,000 tonnes of persimmons last year and expects to market around 60,000 tonnes for the 2014/15 season. Their intention is to extend the season with a better product and more of it at the start and end of the season, strengthen the promotional activities in the peak season and to package the packaging to the demands of the retail gaining access to the shop shelves more quickly. 4 Fruit Company received the first Spanish persimmons last Friday and expect, depending on the weather conditions, supply until mid January. The import receive supply from various brands three to four times a week. 

"We are expecting some smaller sizes over the first few weeks and larger sizes nearer the end, as a result of little rain in the summer months. The price level has started at a comparable level to last year," says the importer. "The Dutch supermarkets are also getting to know their way around persimmons, often in smaller packs of two to four."

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