The chicory season is progressing slowly. According to Hein Buedts of Buedts there is a little revival during supermarket offers. "We have had the same situation in chicory for years. A lot depends on the coming carrot harvest, which is in full swing at the moment. The price forming is ailing a little, but the prices in general are very meagre. At the moment around 80 cents is paid for the Flandria chicory."

Little enthusiasm

He sees little enthusiasm in the market. "Almost everything has been divided, there isn't really anything happening. I can see that with a lot of other vegetables too. There is little movement in the sector. The atmosphere is missing." A lot of this is to do with the production not being regulated. Everyone just does what they think is good. But it's difficult to make agreements with growers on a European level." 

Price pressure due to simplicity of production
Now they have to wait and see how big the carrot harvest will be. "In all likelihood it will be good, unless there is a very early frost. They will leave the carrots out for as long as possible, to ripen them enough on the field." He says that 99% is already hydro cultivation. "Chicory cultivation is labour intensive anyway, open ground even more so. Few people still choose this. Due to the hydro cultivation the production has risen, of course, this is the same for other vegetables. On the other hand it's an advantage that the production process is easier, but there are disadvantages too. Producing has become too simple, which means there are larger volumes and this puts pressure on the price." 

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