Transport company Jac op't Hof wants to report a defaulter. It concerns the firm Hindelang Logistics in Luxembourg. "A certain Herr Frank Bollmann working at this firm offers freights through Teleroute every day. However Hindelang never pay. When you call Herr Bollmann and/or Hindelang about payment, they say it has been done and print a copy of their screen as proof of payment. But these payments never come in, and if you call again they don't even answer the phone," says Imca op't Hof.

"We have now brought in a collection agency, but they can't contact Hindelang either. We have also informed Teleroute about defaults of the Hindelang firm, but they are not taking action. Multiple transporters have already been tricked by this firm. We hereby ask them to report to you or us so that these shady practices can be stopped."

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