Thanks to a significant increase in export volumes, Peru is now one of the Top 5 largest suppliers of fresh fruit to China. 

According to figures released by the AGAP (Association of Peruvian Guilds of Agribusiness), Peru is now the fifth largest supplier of fresh fruit to China. 

The Top 5 suppliers, in value, of fresh fruit to China between January and May 2014 were: Chile, with US $597 million; Thailand, with $523 million; Vietnam, $302 million; the Philippines, with $200 million; and Peru, with $183 million. 

The United States ranked sixth with $102 million; South Africa seventh, with $38 million dollars, and New Zealand eighth with 33 million dollars. 

The product with the best export performance in China was the grape, as it recorded a 93% increase. 

Source: gestiĆ³n de mercados