The large apple crop worldwide continues in Michigan. Growers are experiencing a strong start to their seasons, with a big apple crop reported nationwide. “We’re very pleased with the market,” states Ryan Dietrich of Ridgeview Orchards, “It’s similar to last year’s so we are enthusiastic.”

Ridgeview Orchards is coming off a long and brutal winter, which has affected the growth of their apples. “The yield is down overall in comparison to last year, we’re not hitting our targets so far this fall, but depending in the variety, apples are a very manageable crop.”

While specializing in customer favorites like Gala, Red Delicious, Honey Crisp and McIntosh, Ridgeview Orchards promotes the flavor and quality of their apples. “Customers are starting to pay more attention to the flavor in apples Michigan can provide them.” The Orchard’s flavorful apples partnered with Michigan’s marketing strategy helps in keeping customers aware of locally grown apples.