Orgacure, the sustainable shelf-life innovator, developed the industries first phosphate-free potato-wash for peeled and cut potatoes to address European and North-American potato processors.

Phosphate is used in agriculture as fertilizer or in detergents such as dishwasher tabs and its use in food application is strictly guidelined by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Phosphorus, the source of phosphate, is a limited, non-renewable global resource and the EU has called with its European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) for action to manage phosphorus sustainable as it is crucial for agriculture, food, industry, water and the environment.

Orgacure participated and discussed its ideas towards a sustainable use and possible replacement of phosphate in fresh food processing during this year ‘Phosphorus Challenge’ gathering within the Circular Economy Conference held by Rotterdam City Council and Nutrient Platform NL network. There was a clear consent of all participants that the ‘green business’ can direct or indirectly contribute but also benefit to and from a sustainable management of both global and locally derived phosphorus resources. Back to the Orgacure laboratory and after subsequent formulating, testing and validation of a phosphate-free solultion for potatoes, Orgacure concluded that calcium salts of phosphoric acid, better known as E341, which are produced from phosphorus extracted in open-cast mining, aren’t technological necessary in fresh potato processing: E341 can be substituted by non-phosphorus based calcium derivates such as EFSA and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved food grade calcium chloride which is the fifth most abundant element by mass in the earth's crust and the fifth-most-abundant dissolved ion in seawater by both molarity and mass, after sodium, chloride, magnesium and sulfate. Quite recently Orgacure has been granted a patent for its innovation in the field of safe, fresh and sustainable raw and value added fresh produce.

During the pre-commercial testing phase, selected industry customer attested Orgacure’s innovation an overall high performance in added value potato processing and its product Orgacure® Freshcut is now on sale in many countries.
Mastering its very own part in the ‘Phosphorus Challenge’ Orgacure continues to be the sustainable and progressive innovator in the fresh food business.

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